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Yet they claim that the queer community is overly sexual and puts our sex lives out there. Straight people are weird. 


"i pretend christian grey is my daddy" ????? ???? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?????????????/

This is beyond gross what the hell.


This is so. fucking. wrong.


well. since my last giveaway was so successful, i decided to save some money and make another! I will purchase any two shirts of your choosing and will pay if shipping is involved. WHAT A DEAL! yeah, it’s lame. But hey i’m offering two free shirts why not have a go, and hey instead of one winner there will be two! dude, that’s like double the chance

  • You must be following me, i know it’s lame of me to make it a rule, but dude it’s one click why not
  • Reblog how many times as you please, but i will not count likes. They are irritating to go through and delete when i put them on so like man please just save me time and don’t do it<3
  • Giveaway ends August 5th, LOTS OF TIME.
  • please don’t constantly ask me about the giveaway winners, i have decided i’m just going to private message the winners to avoid all the fuss i got last time, so if its August 5th/6th and you haven’t received a message from me, please don’t spam me all day asking if you won or not. It’s completely random who wins and i would prefer if i didn’t get 50 people constantly asking me if they have won like last time. If you didn’t get the message, i’m sorry but you did not win.

so that’s it i guess. Good luck everyone and i hope you have a wonderful day!




it’s that time of year again: the time where i send you dicks. this is my third sex toy giveaway and you know the third time’s the charm, so what better time to give away $100 to bad dragon

that’s right $100. i will buy you anything on bad dragon’s website up to $100, including shipping. shipping is about $11 for the US and $33 for international so even international folks can get a $60ish dick. god bless.

☆ u don’t have to follow me
☆18 or older so help me
☆ likes and reblogs count
☆ keep ur ask box open
☆ you’ll have to gimme your address
☆ ends friday august 1st, 6 am in japan

if you follow me for this giveaway i hope you like cats and yowapedal because that’s all you’ll get

*grabby hands*

Puppy wants Razor :p

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